November fun

I have been feeling as though we are living through a second mud season this year.  We have had so much rain and so many warm days and nights, doing chores means doing battle!  It’s about this time of year that John usually gets to cleaning out the paddocks, but a whole host of things have pushed that back a little.  We are replacing our “temporary” set of back steps with the real thing, which is quite the relief.  John and a friend have been working on that so the paddocks remain a mess for now.  When the nights start getting consistently cooler the ground will firm up, but when we keep getting 2-3″ of rain in a day or two, it just doesn’t seem right.

In the midst of all this muddy fun, Jim and Pam of Hatchtown Farm decided to get a whole piggie out of their freezer to make some room.  And they invited a whole bunch of nice people over to share in their pig roast this past Sunday!  I think the plan had been to have most of the afternoon outside near the big roaster, but (what a surprise) it was raining again, or at least cold, damp, and about to rain again.  (It did start to rain late in the afternoon, so I was very glad the party was moved inside).  There was a lot of wonderful food and it was very good to see some of our farmer friends socially.  They were able to borrow or rent an oil drum roaster, and the pork was delicious. Everything was delicious… I should have taken a photo of the groaning table!  Getting out of the house for such a pleasant afternoon is such a nice change from slogging through the mud and working at all of those things on the “to do” list.

Roaster in action
Almost done

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