It’s a white one!

Winter trees

We did get 3 or 4 inches of snow on Wednesday.  I got to work (my farthest school, 26 miles), began to enjoy the staff holiday breakfast, just to get the word that we were going home.  It was an adventure, but not too bad.  The snow really began to add up late in the day, and the next morning it looked beautiful.  It’s still on the ground, so we will have a white Christmas morning tomorrow.  As long as we aren’t buried under many feet of snow over the weekend, maybe we can do some sledding in the driveway!

It's breakfast!


Mrs. Who and Mrs. Which wait in the snow for their morning fare

2 thoughts on “It’s a white one!”

  1. Thank you for the “dose” of fiber animals and farm scenes from Maine! Thanks too for coming by to visit my blog and saying hi…I agree with you that cold and dark winters really help bring about these social evenings with friends. There always seems to be more time to stay home, stay warm, and enjoy others’ company!

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