It was here a minute ago…

Snacking before breakfast (SnowPea in front, Bonbel sneaking a peek over her back)

I have to give those goatie girls a lot of credit… they made short work of our friend’s Christmas tree.  I went out bright and early to get the girls fed this morning, and this is what I found.  Not much left, and they were hard at work on it even then.  And when Zorro the llama got up close and personal to get first dibs on breakfast, it was actually a very pleasant experience:  instead of his usual llama breath, he was breathing lovely, piney scent at me!  So I guess we now know how to make camelid breath mints :*)

(Zorro’s breath usually smells like a cross between cudded grass or hay with a hint of eau de stale corn chips.  Not bad at all, but the contrast was amazing!)


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