Early morning chores and flurries

John's new weather station at work this morning!

Tuesdays are early days for me and the chore routine.  I have to be at work by 7 a.m., so the outdoor gear has to start going on by 5:15 at the latest.  It’s dark.  And cold.  Today was the second day in a row that we had zero degrees or lower.  This morning felt like a heat wave compared to yesterday morning’s temp of -9 with a windchill of -29, so I wasn’t really dreading it too much.  With the snow on the ground and the flurries coming down, it was quite an enchanted sight.

Don't know what the smoky thing is, but it sure looks cool!

The moon was visible behind a few clouds over in what I consider the SW sky, but still above the tree line.  It looked totally amazing so I tried taking some photos.  I didn’t do very well at catching the moon, but the effect of the snow in the dark was amazing!  If I hadn’t had to hustle, I would have lingered a little longer to enjoy the dawn and maybe take a few more photos.

Snowy sky

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