It’s been insane around here this past week and it has definitely kept me from getting a blog post up.  Last Sunday I got hit in the eye and ended up sitting in the dark for 3 days while that abrasion healed… there is nothing like an eye injury to make you appreciate how much daylight gets to you even on a very cloudy day!  (Also how bright a laptop screen really is).  And then of course there was the inevitable snow event midweek, which actually did me a favor in giving me an extra day home to do some more healing.  Keeping the paddock gates open and usable, as well as trying to get the snow off the greenhouses has also been a major undertaking.  There is just no place to put the snow anymore.  We have got to take down and re-place the greenhouses and the gates so that we can get in with the tractor to clear the mess.  I just looked out the door to find out why our lab wouldn’t go out…the back stairs have totally disappeared!

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