Shearing 2011

As usual, I meant to have this post out on Monday.   Sunday was a wonderful and very successful shearing day.  As our friend Pam calls it, the harvest.  It is half of the reason we keep sheep… all the fibery goodness comes to us before lambing, and then our second batch of raw materials are offered up to us.   We are very grateful for the help that we had from a lot of good friends (as well as from our beautiful ewes).  It was a great day!  Afterward we had a marvelous feast and sat around feeling very used up, but pleased.  I know that I did.  I can’t even imagine how Emily our shearer does it.  Well, she’s young :*)

Even the messier fleeces look good.  I never got sheep coats on the ewe lambs and with feeding out the hay in the bunkers, the taller girls eat over the backs of the shorter ones, and they get a lot of hay on their backs.  Our Coopworth and Border Leicester cross girls have such open fleece structures that most of the veggie matter shakes out, and the rest comes out in the picker. So hopefully we will be getting back some gorgeous roving and yarn from the processor soon.

The weather has gotten screamingly cold and we are keeping our newly naked girls in the greenhouse for now.  I do need to get some coats on them sometime this week while I have the opportunity to work with them in the daylight.  I am on my school winter break, and of course I am sick.  I just can’t win!

Here are some photos of the day:

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