Extended winter break

Slush and rain.  A little snow.  Horrible roads.  School canceled.  So today got off to an auspicious start (!), but my eye problem re-surfaced and I couldn’t see anything for hours this morning (when I opened my eyes this morning my eye felt like I had just been hit again).  I couldn’t get an appointment with the eye doctor, so I sat with my hand over my eye, while I dabbed at the massive tearing.  I just love infirmity!

Raw fleeces in sheets waiting to be sorted

And of course, what I really wanted to be doing was sorting the fleeces that are in the living room, definitely in the way.  And I don’t want to move them.   I want them to be an inconvenience so that I will deal with them soon!  My eye has dried up during the day, but it hurts and I am glad that I will be seeing the doctor tomorrow.  Maybe I can get the fleeces boxed up and out to be processed into lovely fleece and yarn. (When the fleece comes off the sheep and it is skirted – nasty bits removed – we roll it and tie it up in a clean sheet.  That way it doesn’t get felty like it would if we put it into plastic).

Persimmon's raw fleece

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