Ice, rain and more shearing

Sunday I was a little late producing breakfast for our girls

The weather seems to have moved into the grey, drippy-but-still-icy-under-the-rushing-water variety.  Not quite spring, but wet, slushy, icy and just plain dreary! I got out a little late yesterday morning to feed the girls and they were waiting for me!

And yet another successful shearing event has come and gone this weekend, at Hatchtown Farm on Saturday.  It was, as always, a wonderful day with a bunch of wonderful people.  Interacting with someone else’s sheep is always interesting and fun.  Some of our breeding stock is related either directly or indirectly to the Hatchtown Coopworth flock, so I am also very partial to their sheep :*) The potluck feast was incredible, and we celebrated well into the evening, with a lot of welcome laughter.  I am glad that we had yesterday to recuperate a little bit as well.  But with all the rain that’s mucked up our dark, wet day today, I would prefer to be snuggling at home with Bear.  She really knows how to relax!

Bear the elderly Lab, doing what she does best

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