Rosie and her twins update

Rosie's boys are helping themselves to some hay!

Things are progressing along fairly well as far as lambing and kidding goes, although I have been laid up again with my eyeball problems.  My corneal abrasion has totally opened up again and I have spent the last 36 hours with the Niagara Falls of tears leaking out of my right eye, and not a lot of vision to speak of :*(    My poor eye just can’t seem to totally heal.  Big sigh!

First Bottle feeding with one of Rosie's boys (sorry about the wardrobe malfunctioning!)

After stocking up on lamb milk replacer on Sunday morning we kept checking on Rosie’s beautiful boys, but by nightfall we realized that all of their nursing on mom wasn’t getting them full tummies, so we decided to go to outsourcing.  In my experience, when lambs have bellied up to their mother’s lamb bar, it’s very difficult to get them to accept a bottle.  In fact, it’s a struggle.  And once they get onto the bottle they frequently won’t go back on their dam.  So I went out on Sunday evening expecting to have to tube the lambs with the milk replacer just to get them full enough not to lose their body temps into the night (hypothermia would mean moving them into the house).    You could have knocked me down with a feather, as they say, when they both latched right onto the bottles and their milk was drained in minutes!  One of the boys is getting a little more than his brother from Rosie, and he doesn’t always finish, but his brother is all about the bottle.  At least I know they are getting what they need: they each gained about a pound between Sunday night and Tuesday afternoon, which is really good.  And even more amazing is the fact that when they have finished their bottles, they get right back on their mom who welcomes them to her udder.  They are already nibbling on their mom’s hay!


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