More babies

Lupine's 17 pounder!

I had a really tough day with my eye, but we did have another set of triplets from Mae (who wasn’t supposed to be bred this year she is so old!) and then we had an adventure with Lupine, one of our crossbred white ewes.  John had to pull her 17 pound ewe (that may be a record for us).  Lupine had the head out before we even knew what had happened as we were busy with Mae and her boys.  When we realized what was going on we knew that the big ewe’s legs were either back or elbow-locked, but she was so big I couldn’t even reach and find a shoulder.  John finally followed one of her legs back and was able to pull it forward.  It took forever to get that beauty out, and I was afraid we had lost her, but she is doing well tonight.  The bottle boys are on the loose with the first goat kids and both of their moms.  The jugs are full and we are really hoping for a quiet night tonight!  More pictures tomorrow…


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