Mae and Rhubarb

Mae and her boys

Mae is finally up and looking quite a bit better today.  Her ears are not drooping and she has been eating steadily all morning.  We will have to keep treating her for the milk fever, but I hope she is as on the mend as she seems to be.

We let Lupine and her gigundas lamb out this morning as well as Bonbel and her two petite twin does.  They frolicked in the sun and then each of the doelings cozied up with some lambs. That was a surprise!

Rosie's ram lambs are cozy with one of Bonbel's doelings

After I fed everyone breakfast this morning I couldn’t find Rhubarb.  She was off in the corner in labor.  So we moved her into her own pen and she proceeded to have triplets!  The last one was breach which I couldn’t see until she pretty much had her out under her own steam.  I only had to help a little.  Two white doelings and a brown buck.  She did a great job as usual.  Wow.  What a day!  And it’s only a little after noon.  First two are out and dry

Brother and sister wait for the next one
All triplets are accounted for

2 thoughts on “Mae and Rhubarb”

  1. Nina, your kids and lambs look great! You have been busy. I hope all moms are on the mend and taking good care of their little ones. Being a farmer is such hard work, but so rewarding. I can’t wait to come out and say ‘hi’ to everyone! Hope your eye is better now.

  2. Thanks, Chris! I would love you to come and visit! The babies are bouncing around now and just having a great time. My eye is getting better slowly, thank you!

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