HoneyBea gets into the act

HoneyBea greets her lambs

HoneyBea had her lambs this evening.  A ram and a ewe, just like last year.  The ram was over 12 pounds and I think he was giving her a little bit of a hard time.  I thought we were going to have to help him out.  But she was a canny girl:  when I went back to the house to get the OB lube and towels, she popped them both out.  It’s nice not to have too late an evening.  I just checked on them and they have such full bellies that they looked like they were in a sugar coma!  HoneyBea is a fantastic mother and she makes sure to get those babies up when it’s time for a feeding.  She’s not really gentle about it, either!  They are looking good, and the ram has the white “teardrops” that show he has the blue gene.  Real beauties.

HoneyBea's ram has his first meal

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