Beezus and Ramona tag

Beezus and Ramona (dark ewes) having a rest with Meadow looking over them

Sunday while I was working outside and waiting for SnowPea’s kids to arrive, I decided it was time to get our yearling ewes Beezus and Ramona out of the mom’s pen and in with the other unbred group.  They don’t really need the extra feed and it would also save some money.  Beezus and Ramona are ewes out of our Lucy, who is a daughter of Lucky, the ram that we used this year.  Lucy got bred this past fall but must never have settled, and it was probably a good thing, as she got bred by her father.  (I know that line breeding is valued in some quarters, but I am not a fan at this moment in time).  I have been hanging on to Beezus and Ramona, who are inseparable, intending to sell one of them when I could figure out which one I like better.  Not the easiest task in the world. I am leaning toward Beezus, but I have to check their fleeces again.

Anyhow, during the post-prandial naptime in the sun on Sunday afternoon I thought that it would be a great time to get a halter on at least one of the sisters and lead her into the next paddock.  So I got Ramona on the lead and unwillingly she let herself be led into the adjoining paddock.  (Their sheltered area in the greenhouse is separated by some green and galvanized grid panels, but they can see each other).  I was very pleased with myself for taking the opportunity to move one of them over.  And I had thoughts of moving the other one the next day.   I am sure that anyone can tell what’s coming next:  and yes, when I took a break and got back up to the paddock, there were Beezus and Ramona, side-by-side on the hill in the mama’s paddock, pleased as can be with each other!  I just can’t win.

Beezus and Ramona close-up: having a rest and a cud together

4 thoughts on “Beezus and Ramona tag”

  1. Reading this is the highlight of my day! All those cute babies!

    Oh and I think you have to keep both of them!

  2. I love this story and especially the look on their faces in that last picture. Their names fit them perfectly.

    Just getting caught up on all your lamb adventures — interesting that you have had a year much like ours. Hoping that Mae turns a corner for you.

  3. Thanks, Kris. We have had very parallel years I think. I think Mae will make it through, although I think her boys will self-wean a lot sooner than the others!

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