Soapy Thursday

Lavender oatmeal goat milk bars

Yesterday was soap day.  I have not made any in quite awhile and our friend Chris wanted to come by and help out.   I keep about 10 half gallons of goat milk in the freezer for the winter and projects like this.  I had intended to be making soap at least once a month during this time, but things conspired to keep that from happening.

Everything was laid out and ready to go.  All the ingredients and implements.  Chris came over and we got to work (although not before we had some coffee and some treats that Chris brought along with her!).  While the lye/goat milk solution was cooling and the oils were warming, I got out the trusty stick blender in its white case.  Hmm.  Everything is in the box except the part we desperately need to blend the mix.    John, Chris and I began to go through the cabinets and the drawers like crazy people!  It was definitely not coming to light.  In the dim recesses of my memory I can picture the stick part of the blender on the drain board and the rest of the unit in its box.

The elusive stick end of the stick blender... still can't find ours!

I can also recall thinking that this part of it needed to dry thoroughly before popping it into its case.  Sigh.  Another implement separated.  I hate it when that happens :*(

Well, Chris and I talked about doing this by hand and agreed that maybe we would call our friend Pam and see if we could borrow her blender.  So Pam came to our rescue and Chris drove over to get it.  The lye solution was still not quite cool enough when Chris returned so we had some more coffee and then got to blending!  I am always amazed at how magically the oils and the lye/milk mixture come together.  We did have a little debate on whether or not we had reached “trace;”  but in the end we decided to go for it.   I usually add oatmeal to our soaps and this time was no different.  I let Chris choose the essential oil, so we have a nice batch of Rosemary oatmeal goodness!

Soap in its molds lined with parchment paper

It is looking lovely in the wooden molds and I can hardly wait to cut it!


3 thoughts on “Soapy Thursday”

  1. Oh goodness! Laura and I love to make our own soap! It has been a while since we made a batch, but I love the smell of fresh soap, before it has cured enough for using.

    We used an old blender, and made small batches so we could have lots of different smells and add-ins by the end. Your molds are ten time nicer than ours were, and I am super jealous of your whole event (though, maybe not the lost stick blender… 😦 That is super sad.)

    Things have been looking great and your lamb and kid pictures bring a smile to my face every time I see them!

  2. Thanks, Theresa! I never thought of using the old blender I have. I have made some very basic goat milk lotions (but they all separated) and that’s what I keep the blender for. I might give it a try!

    We just came in a little bit ago because we were watching the lamb and goat kid “wave” around the paddock. It’s better than cable. They are too cute. Glad we can share them with you :*)

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