Soap part 2

Today we helped out at another shearing in the area and when I got home at noontime I decided it was time to cut the soap.  After 48 hours it was looking and smelling very lovely in the molds out in the mudroom.  It had done its thing with the cooling and felt smooth and firm, but not brittle and hard as rock.

Loaf of 2 day old soap

The parchment paper had crinkled a bit in the corners, but it wasn’t too bad when I unmolded the logs. I think next time I will go back to using butcher paper to line the molds instead, it doesn’t get so mushy. Then I got out my nifty, handy-dandy log cutter.  I love this implement!  The molds are made specifically to fit with the

Using the cutter

cutter and you can choose how thick to make the bars.  It all worked out very nicely.  (I have a fondness for the crinkly-cutter, as you can see).  So now we cure it for at least 3 weeks.  It smells wonderful, and I know that you shouldn’t use it at this stage, but when I washed up after handling the bars, my hands felt wonderful!

I ordered these lovely molds from Creekside Soaps.  It is definitely not the only place you can find the wood molds online, but these are handmade and just beautiful.  I love them!

Bars ready for curing

2 thoughts on “Soap part 2”

  1. Oh, Nina! You take the most lovely pictures! I loved making soap with you. I had no idea how many steps and ingredients, time and energy that went into making soap! Now I will love my handmade bars even more! You are the BEST!

  2. Thanks, Chris! I am glad you like them. It does take time and energy, doesn’t it! But it’s fun, and we know that we have a really pure product in the end. Better than buying the industrial stuff if we can help it :*)

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