The week that was

Never even got close to creating a blog post this past week.  Budget crunch time in my school district, so there were budget and board meetings to attend.  Very exhausting and very tough times.  I am still hoping that I have a job next year, even if it isn’t full time.  But on the brighter side, I really think we have shed our long johns for good!  Well, at least until next fall.  The day has been gorgeous and bright.  Can’t get enough of it, but I see that the black flies have joined us so that battle begins afresh.

Bear and Tesser sitting on John's lap, many years ago

Our sweet Bear is still here, but she is winding down her time with us.  She sat outside most of the day enjoying the air and the sun.  She is still on her pain pills and she seems fine on that front, but is slowing down more each day.  My biggest wish is that she will just close her eyes one of these nights and not wake up.  Tesser knows things are not right and has changed her daily patterns as well.  She doesn’t spend time with Bear on her blanket anymore.  I guess they know.


2 thoughts on “The week that was”

  1. I am glad to know your sweet Bear had a nice day in the sun. I am thinking of you. Hope to see you Wed. at spinning.
    P.S. How is our soap doing?

  2. Thanks, Chris. Our soap is doing just fine! I wish it were ready to use, it smells absolutely delicious :*)

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