Knitting squarely

6 cm mitred knit squares

I almost always have a knitting project on the needles, and usually two or three simultaneously.  But my current mindset is so on-edge, what with the job situation and money being extremely tight, that I am all over the place with that.  I have a project that is setting my teeth on edge because I can’t get it right (this is the gift for a friend which I handspun and dyed the yarn for) so that is on the sidelines, and I have a bunch of stuff that I want to try (some simple lace knits, like Ishbel or the Multnomah shawlettes), but I have not pulled it together.  Sigh.  It is definitely a sign of the state of my mind that I don’t have something going that I am enjoying and working on.

I will have to do a different blog post on my podcast addiction at some point, but one of the podcasts I have recently found has saved my knitting soul!  I have a list as long as your arm of podcasts to which I subscribe (I listen to them on the way to work and home), but one of the newer podcasts that I am listening to is called iMake.  It’s simply a lovely podcast that comes from a very crafty soul on the isle of Guernsey.  What a lovely show!  Martine covers multiple crafts and she also has a segment on Guernsey each episode, which may be my favorite part of the show :*)  I love to travel and have always wanted to visit the island, so this is second best, I guess.  She speaks beautifully and is very clear, so my aged and faulty ears have no trouble with the listening.  Anyhow, awhile ago she mentioned that she was working on a sock yarn mitred square blanket.  I wasn’t sure how to knit a mitred square, so I went to her blog and looked at her very nice tutorial on the process.  I have a bunch of sock yarns that are just bits and pieces of the ends of the skeins, so when we were sitting at one of our very long vet visits with our old dog Bear, I had the foresight to take along a small bag with #2 needles and some ends of yarn.  I got three of the smaller squares finished while Bear had some tests done.  And I am hooked!

Small squares knit to each other next to a larger one

I am not sure that I want to knit the squares to each other, as I am an old-time quilter and think that I may want to re-arrange the squares so that the mitre stripe goes in different directions, not just in all the same.  Also, I don’t think I did a very good job with the connected small squares, so I have experimented with a larger square.  The smaller (6 cm) squares are 16 stitches to each side, so the cast-on is 32 stitches.  My larger square adds 8 more stitches to each side, and I think that I like that size better.  As you can guess, the larger squares are 10 cm so they are just a nice size, probably easier for me to handle when I connect them.

10 cm square on the needles

This has come at the perfect time.  I can pick up a square and knit one in a very short time and I can carry my small chicken project bag full of a sampling of leftover sock yarns with me at all times.  Knitting is a soothing activity for me, specially if I don’t have to think too hard about it!


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