Mother’s Day weekend

Ewes in a little bit of heaven

At least one day out of the weekend was sunny and clear.  The breezes yesterday moved just enough to keep the black flies mostly at bay (except for John, who seems to be a blackfly magnet).  We always have a list of farm work that needs doing longer than what we ever have time for, but we got as much cranked out yesterday that we could.  Right now that involves getting cattle panels (16′ long galvanized wire fences that are 52″high) out of the mud and the grass that’s grown up around them out so that we can clean the paddocks of the mud and poo from the year.  Which of course means that we have to set up different areas for the animals first!  We got our unbred ewe group into a self-contained area behind their paddock, and they were in heaven!  Today we will try and get a few more panels out of the way so that John can get in with the tractor.

Piggies dive in

And our piggies landed last weekend.  They are as cute as can be.  And so it begins!


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