Bumps in the wet road

Lamb #101 peeks at me (newborn photo)

Another week is gone and it’s raining again.  Oy!  I think I am going to have mushrooms growing out of my ears pretty soon.  :*(    The paddocks were drying up in between the rain storms, but now are a sloggy mess, and the tractor is still not in good working order.  But we have a butcher date in a week for some of our girls who are ready to move on and the lambs are all doing well except for number 101, one of the bottle lambs (the first one born this season).  He had a mysterious malady that did not respond to any of the therapies we tried.  We lost him on Sunday night.  Our first and final thought is that he ate a foreign object that he just could not digest.  It’s the only thing that makes any sense, but sometimes there is no sense when it comes to lambs and kids.  You can spend your days and nights making sure that there is nothing there for them to get into, and they get into something anyway.  Between the weather and losing our little guy (who was not so little), it’s just been one of those weeks.  Losing any of our animals is tough, and it seems to have been a rough spring so far, between our Bear and now this sweet lambie boy.

But, we look forward to the cycle of weather changing for the better very soon; hopefully spring will begin acting like spring and vanquish the temperatures in the 40s and let the gardens really begin to grow!


6 thoughts on “Bumps in the wet road”

  1. That was supposed to be a sad face. I am not sure what emotion that face is conveying but it was not what I intended!

  2. Hi Nina – I’m so sorry about your little woolie boy. Babies of any kind are always doing things to make their caregivers gray. Looking forward SO much to seeing you at spinning on the 1st Wed. of JUNE. Whoa.

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