A bright turtle afternoon

A beautiful and non-grey evening sky!

A partially non-grey day was ours!  When I went into work at 7 this morning it was misty and brooding.  When I came out at 3, it was a little steamy, but gorgeous, bright and the sky was actually blue!  We had some things to do before chores, and it was a pleasure to be outside doing them.

Baby painted turtle

It was also a day when my husband played traffic cop for the new hatchlings, the painted turtle babies.  They are so cute, and they tend to hatch at this time of year on one side of the driveway, and make their way across to the woodsy wet area on the other side.

Painted turtle babies have the cutest orange belly!

When we built our house we must have really messed up the whole traffic pattern.  It’s always interesting to watch where the mama turtles lay their eggs:  they are partial to a lot of the sandy back-fill near the house, and also in the gravel of the driveway.  We get a lot of the painted babies that hatch in the spring, and also some snapping turtle babies, although we don’t usually see as many of them.

And to top off the loveliness of the day, the evening sky was a treat.

Pansies greeted me

The pansies have not gotten into their pot yet, but we improvised!

3 thoughts on “A bright turtle afternoon”

  1. Ha! So funny you have a turtle migration story today! I spent quite a while yesterday in the company of a snapping turtle who wasn’t sure just where he/she wanted to be going…

    Interesting to think of all these patterns that we humans are so ignorant of, but the turtles just keep on keeping on in spite of us getting in their way.

  2. Love the turtle story! Last year, carpooling, as we came off the highway onto the ramp for home, a big mama snapper was crossing the ramp. I made my driver stop and wait while I shoed her into the verge while other cars looked on and called the psych ward.

    We didn’t have much blue sky last night, so jealous! Today is going to be challenging I suspect.

  3. Those snappers kind of freak me out. You were very brave to get her across the road, Ali! And I guess we are all having turtle dealings this week if you are having fun with them in NJ, Kris! I am always afraid I am going to squash one when it’s laying eggs in the driveway, because they aren’t very visible when they are half dug into the gravel.

    I think the turtles will be here long after human kind have gone the way of the gooney bird!

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