Old girl Mae in the middle of the throng

Memorial Day weekend was going quite well until early this a.m.  We had a terrific thunder and lightning storm break out in the wee hours, around 3.  I was already awake, as usual, and got up when the rain started.  (I couldn’t remember if I had closed all the windows in my car).  I checked (they were closed) and got inside just before the downpour began.  And the thunder and the lightning.  It was a terrible storm.  I was sitting in the dining room watching the sky light up through the roof windows when a really powerful crack and a crash happened and we were in the total darkness.  I didn’t have many lights on, but it was creepy.  John came out and said he thought the pole up at the end of our driveway might have been hit, but I was afraid that our elderly neighbor’s house might have been struck by lightning.  When things got a little less electric, John went up to check and he couldn’t see anything going on at all.  Wherever it hit, it must have been a doozy, because it really sounded like it was right here.  CMP got things up and running again around 6, so it wasn’t too painful an outage.

In the creep

Aside from the weather, the weekend in general has been a good one.  Pam and I were able to catch up with our friend Jane from northern Vermont on Saturday morning.  It was nice to be able to catch up with her.  And then I took some photos of the lambs and goat kids yesterday.

Ram lamb

They are getting to be big as houses, and weaning time is here.  They are having a little trouble getting into the creep area (a fenced-off place where only they can get in to eat grain and hay, the moms aren’t supposed to be go through it).  But the most curious thing I came upon yesterday was the frog.

Very patient tree frog hanging out on the green panel

He/she was very patient while I tried to get the camera to focus on it and not the grass behind it.  Didn’t seem to want to move from the panel it was sitting on, having a nice rest!


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