School year ends

Baby gift sweater

It’s the end of another schoolyear.  It’s been a crazy week, beginning with the Fiber Frolic last weekend, which was wonderful.  Great weather, great visiting with lots of great folks.  Exhausting!  And all the special activities this week at school have kept me whirling.  I have finally finished a baby gift for a colleague who is having his first baby (well, his wife is!).  I am really pleased.  The sweater itself is knit from a superwash Malabrigo worsted, and I got the pattern from Ravelry (In3s, a Baby Cardigan by Kelly Herdrich).  It’s a very sweet capped-sleeve vest/sweater, and I would love to make one for myself :*)  The really lovely part of it is that I found the buttons at the Fiber Frolic.  A vendor in the same building does beautiful Raku beads and buttons, and I think these were made for this sweater!  I love it!


2 thoughts on “School year ends”

  1. So sweet! The colors are beautiful and the buttons are absolutely perfect for the piece. Truth be told, I did think it was an adult piece when I first saw the picture, and was super jealous! Than I realized that would have to be some way chunky wool! Much better for a baby! 😀

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