Farm Market

Our fledgling market at Weymouth House

It’s Saturday night again and it’s raining.  I know that the ground had gotten really dried out, but I am definitely rain-shy after the early spring that we had!  But today was the first Saturday of our newly-hatched Pemaquid Farm Market.  I want to call it the “Farmers’ Market” but am having a difficult time deciding where the apostrophe should go…  I know, I am a language geek!  I hate poor grammar and punctuation.  It’s something that I feel grumpy about a lot of the time!  And I am guessing that we can probably write the term “Farmer’s Market” in two ways, as it is meaningful in both.  Farmers’ Market gives it the connotation of one market for a lot of farmers, which it is.  But it is also a Farmer’s Market in that it is the market for each individual farmer.  So I guess we all can take our pick on which spelling we want to use!  I didn’t look anything up, just sat here thinking about the possibilities :*)  Maybe you can tell I need a vacation!

Anyhow, today was marvelous.  Weymouth House, which is a community-minded organization on the peninsula, has invited local  farmers to join them on their beautiful lawn each Saturday between now and the end of October to share our farm products with the community and visitors from away.  It was a lovely time, even though it threatened rain and began to sprinkle toward the end of the time.  We are going to be there from 9-1 each Saturday until the end of October, so I hope that anyone who is near will come and sample some of the local produce and products.  As we get going I know that we will have more vendors, but today it was Pam of Hatchtown Farm and I (we share a booth as the BaaBaaSisterhood) and

Anna and one of her bunnies

Anna Barber and her angora bunnies.  It’s a little early for produce, but I expect that by the beginning of July we will have a lively crew.  Come down and visit with us!  1700 Route 130, Weymouth House, Bristol!


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