Dafka and Raven

Dafka/Raven scarf beginnings

It’s that time of year again.  I can say that almost any day of the year I guess, but this time it’s about the end of school and the beginning of some summer r&r.  And farm work.  And trying to play catch-up with all kinds of things.  When I am feeling really stressed, which is typical at this time of year (and this year more so), all I want to do is knit or spin or weave.  Or get lost in a book!  So I have quite a venerable stack of books beside the bed and a list as long as my arm of the projects that I want to get done this summer.

When I was doing a very quick organizational move through my yarn supply I found one skein of a very dark brown, DK weight two ply.   It was the last skein of yarn that I had had spun up from two of our ewes that we no longer have on the farm.  They were two extraordinarily lovely Coopworth sheep;  Dafka and her daughter Raven.  (Dafka was one of the first Coopworth ewes that I bought).  They stayed incredibly dark all of their lives, even into sheepy old age.  That’s a little unusual for any black sheep, as most tend to “silver up.”  But they didn’t.  The real shame of it is that we had to cull them because their lambs were born with entropion every single time.  (Entropion is a turned-under bottom eyelid that scratches and ulcerates the cornea and is so painful the lambs don’t get onto the udder and they don’t thrive unless you deal with the situation).  I hated to see them go, but they made us some grand meat lambs, so I guess that you can say they did their part for the farm.  I miss them and their beautiful, dark brown wool.  I found one lonely skein when I was getting ready for the Fiber Frolic, and decided that I would keep it and knit it up into a scarf for myself.  The Dafka/Raven scarf! I will wear it and remember them fondly.

Scarf closeup

I am using the Yarn Harlot’s One Row repeat pattern.  It’s a good one for potato-chip knitting and I am carrying it with me wherever I go.  It’s also reversible which makes it even nicer.  So this last 250 yard skein will be a scarf that I will cherish.  Our years with Dafka and Raven will not be forgotten!


2 thoughts on “Dafka and Raven”

  1. Hmmm, I thought I was the only one who found this time of year stressful. That wool color is gorgeous and your scarf is a lovely tribute to them.

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