2 Lamb transport

Lambie transport

Today we had a very lovely send-off for two of our 2011 lambs.  They are going up state toward Greenville to live on another farm.  I am so very pleased to have been able to sell a few lambs this year for breeding stock.  Most of our lambs go to meat, which is good also, but it’s nice to think that some of our babies will be leading good lives elsewhere, as we can’t keep them all (unfortunately!).

We had separated out some of the ewe lambs and one ram lamb for inspection.  Our visitor was looking for the brownest or blackest lambs available.  So we pulled Fuzzy Lumpkin’s, Lupine’s and HoneyBea’s ewe lambs as well as one of Mae’s ram lambs.  I chose the longest and the darkest boy with a beautiful face and nice hams.  Gorgeous fleece as well.  She chose Fuzzy Lumpkin’s ewe and liked the ram lamb as well.  I hope that they do well for her.  One of her friends had driven down with her and they had a very large dog crate for the lambs to travel in.  They seemed happy enough once they were both in there together and off they went!  A new adventure for numbers 106 and 112.

Crated and ready to go!

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