Face of a criminal mastermind

Face of a criminal mastermind at her best!

Last week before the 5 days of rain began, we had another breakout in the night.  Our lambs and kids are mostly weaned, so we don’t usually hear a lot of calling during the night.  The sheep and the goats choose their spot, near their babies or not, goats in the greenhouse and sheep mostly out on the paddock hill, and that is the way they spend their nights.  An occasional baa or blat is all that we hear in the wee hours.  But last week one night there seemed to be a lot of activity right at nightfall.  We didn’t really pay much attention to it, we were babysitting the grandboy and doing other things.  While I was sitting in bed reading I thought there was more noise than usual, but then it got quiet.

Until the wee hours.  My husband got up and was watching and listening out the bedroom window (which points right in the direction of the paddocks).  Then I got up and listened.  It was just quiet enough that I was a little concerned, but not alarmed.  Around dawn, my husband said that he was going up to see what all the fuss was about, and came back down pretty quickly.  Pippi and 4 of the goat kids were outside the fence, but one of her kids was inside the fence, and one of Rhubarb’s kids was outside the fence and wanting his mama.  John thought that they had gotten out from the top fence line, so when I went out to get them back in, that’s where I looked.  There wasn’t any opening that I could find.  As I worked my way around the fenceline, I found an opening of about

Gap in the panels. Go figure!

6 inches at most between two of the cattle panels.  I really couldn’t believe it, but they must have squeezed through, and after they got out, it closed up behind them.

I am glad that the sheep didn’t follow; the goats are not really a problem to get back into the paddock.  Another breakout gone south!  We got everyone back in and things went back to normal.  I am sure that Pippi was the ringleader, but that’s one of her endearing (or not) charms.  And with livestock, it’s always something!


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