Lost that blogging mojo…

Temporarily I hope.  The last week or so has been hectic and just a little bit nuts.  When the day is over and it’s time to clean up from dinner I am more than halfway to bed.  In the summer break it’s always a game of playing catch-up from the school year and then suddenly we are back to work and my list is only half accomplished!

We are getting ready for our broiler chicks to arrive on Thursday; milking and cheese-making is getting into gear; general cleanup and organization is going on as well as getting ready to move the ewes down to the pasture (down the street).  We had a lovely 4th of July at the neighbor’s house for a big picnic after the Round Pond 4th of July Parade.  It was a very lovely way to spend the 4th.  Sawyer entertained us all and we got to chat with folks that we only see a few times a year.  So all is well.  I am doing a lot of knitting and will blog about that another day!  And soon, I hope :*)


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