2011 Roasters land

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This morning our 50 roasting chickens arrived at the post office.  We have been madly trying to get their little spot ready for the big day, in the back of one of our greenhouses.  (Hot working in those greenhouses at this time of year is an understatement!).  At 7:30 exactly, our post mistress gave us the call and we ran over to receive those beautiful little chicks.  I know that very soon they are going to be very tasty dishes, but there is nothing as cute as a baby farm animal, any and all of them.  They provide endless entertainment with their antics and their enthusiasm for the business of life.  And so begins another cycle of animal husbandry!

Our friend Jolly claims that our roasters taste better because I read them the New York Times.  I don’t, really, but we chat about world affairs and literature many times every day.  The discussion is always pretty one-sided, but it’s the one place I can go where no one talks back!

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