Don’t do this

The sheep field

I know, makes us all want to go out and do whatever that is, right away!  But seriously, we have been trying to get our breeding ewes down to the pasture for the past two weeks and it just has seemed to all go wrong.  Friday I was so sure was going to be the day and I went down to double-check the fence setup and realized I had the fence a little farther from the charging unit than we had it last fall.  The wire wouldn’t reach.  So while our son was waiting to help me load ’em up into the Subaru, I ended up in the field with John trying to make things work.  In the end I had to run home and get another length of flex-net and run that up to the enclosed net fence to get the electric there.  And yesterday was the farmers’ market and our son was out by the time I got home. So the day was over!

But today was the day.  We have been honing down our flock to the bare bones and we have chosen our 6 breeding ewes for next year.  It hasn’t been an easy process, but there it is.  I can’t even talk about the nights I have been sleepless over the choices.  But they are chosen; JD and  I got them down there this afternoon.  Now it’s their turn to do some work in the pasture.

4 thoughts on “Don’t do this”

  1. No, it isn’t ever easy to do. But I feel such a sense of relief that I finally made the decision! They better do ok!

  2. As always Nina, I am living a farming life vicariously through your wonderful blog. I’m happy that you have made your difficult decisions about your sweet sheep. Also your little chickies are so cute.

  3. Glad to be of service, Chris! I am so happy about the ewes that we are keeping. Now let’s cross our fingers that they stay happy and healthy!

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