A little bit of this and that

Strawberry and fresh green onion/garlic scape cream cheese

I should have been working on this over the winter, but there just never seems to be time.  So in the last few days while our grandson was home with us (a stomach bug), I worked on some cheese equipment organization, some new flavors of cream cheese, and ended up making a bigger mess than I began with.  It’s always the way.  Although the cream cheese is awfully tasty!

Sorting fleeces is always fun.  I get started and I don’t want to be turned aside.  I am trying to group the fleeces to go to the processor so that they will complement each other as roving or yarn.  So I have my piles of white, piles of silver/grey, and piles of dark brown.  Sigh!  So many choices, so many decisions!  Tesser doesn’t seem to mind the fuss and confusion.  She just hangs out on the chair, watching all the fuss around her without batting an eye.

Tesser the Chihuahua makes herself comfortable

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