Sugarloaf spinning retreat

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Wow!  For the past week I have been meaning to post about the lovely fiber retreat at Sugarloaf ski resort that we had last weekend, organized by the Maine Spinner’s Registry.  It was a great time, hopefully had by all.  A wonderful way to remove ourselves from everyday busy-ness.  The weather started out by being beastly and hot, but up in the Carrabassett Valley on Thursday evening it rained and then it got decidedly cooler.  Not cold, but cooler :*)  Back home here on the coast they weren’t so lucky.

Of course being at the resort we had the use of all the facilities and we had a great time in the pool every day.  When it got hot in the afternoon, the pool was definitely the answer.  I am glad that I do not have a picture of me in the water, but trust me, we had a great time!  (The condos did not have any air conditioning).

Spinning, knitting, and chatting were the order of the day.  We did the potluck thing, and since we were in condos we had the ability to cook.  I brought a lasagna, 4 loaves of John’s bread and some goat cheese; Christine made a lovely chicken casserole with sweet potatoes, white potatoes and cream; Chris made an enchilada casserole that was delicious, and Sharon made lovely fajitas.  And then there were all the lovely salad things that Susan and Christine brought.  It was lovely and tasty!

Sampler bag with my nice green beaded orifice hook

I finished my worsted weight “sampler” drawstring bag, which I am thrilled over.  It’s a really nice bag that I think I will use for a project sack.  Instead of a crocheted string I knit one from i-cord so it has a little more of a solid feel to it.  (I used our own worsted weight Coopworth yarn in its natural color).  I had taken a number of spinning projects along with me and ended up spinning the prepared BFL/silk roving that I had gotten at the Portland Weaver’s Studio over the winter.  I worked at spinning it more thinly than I usually spin my yarn, and it is very pretty.  I finished the fourth bobbin when I got home so now it just remains to be plyed (my least favorite spinning task!).  The washed hoggett fleece that I took with me stayed in its pillow case.  I think it was too hot to do much carding, even though I find hand-carding a very enjoyable task.  I may just decide to spin from the locks, I just have not decided yet.

On Saturday morning Sharon and Susan brought out a wealth of beading supplies.  They had everything we needed to make stitch markers and orifice hooks.  It was just what I needed!  I don’t have an orf hook for my Jensen Tina, so I made myself one with green wire.  It was a hoot, and I love my hook :*)

On the way home we stopped in Farmington to browse in a used book shop where I found a few Ngaio Marsh mysteries that I hadn’t read.  It was a nice end to a lovely weekend!  Now it’s time to get ready for the Maine Fiber Arts Tour weekend, coming up this next Friday, Saturday and Sunday.  So far the weather looks sunny, clear and not too hot.

3 thoughts on “Sugarloaf spinning retreat”

  1. You did such a great job of capturing out fiber weekend, Nina. Thanks for being such a wonderful roommate and fiber friend!

  2. It was a pleasure being your roommate. I am already looking forward to next year. And fiber friends are the best!

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