Summer birthday fun

Breaking a tradition this year, we did not go on the fireworks boat cruise for Old Bristol Days, which is always the second full weekend in August.  It was an awkward weekend to schedule a party, because of everything else going on around here, but we really wanted to celebrate John’s 60th birthday, which comes early in August, and we wanted to be able to have some of our relatives from NJ join us for the festivities.  So this weekend ended up by being the target date and it unfortunately meant that some of our friends could not join us.  But we did have a lovely party outdoors (until the mosquitoes chased us in) with lots of laughter and a good chance to visit.

Our friend Bruce came up for a long weekend with his black Lab mix Jelly.  And Sawyer was the entertainment of the night.  Dancing on sheets of bubble wrap made our fireworks for the evening!

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Maine Fiber Arts Tour Weekend 2011

Inside setup, pretty much the same as it was outside!

We have been in real need of some serious rain for awhile, but I am sorry it had to take out the final day of the tour weekend.  Not really take it out, but it was so drippy and full of mosquitoes up in the tent near the top of the driveway, that I moved everything back to the house and set it up in the living room late this morning.  Much nicer in this kind of weather!

While everything was set up so nicely in the tent I forgot to photograph the setup, but the one table looked very similar to this one with the yarn, and then I had my roving and soaps displayed on another.  I got quite a bit of spinning done on Friday, which was a quiet day for me, and then yesterday turned out to be quite busy, which was nice.  Visiting with some old friends and meeting a number of new fiber enthusiasts was a pleasure.  It began to really get quite humid by 5 PM, but mostly the day was pretty perfect.

Lye added to goat's milk turns an orangey color

Right now I am in the middle of a batch of soap, waiting for the lye/goat milk solution to cool down enough that I can combine it with the oils and get blending.  I always underestimate the time it needs to get cool enough.  Ah well.  This too shall happen.  Just 5 more degrees to go :*)