End of fall, snow and knitting

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It’s so unusual to have autumn leaves on the trees and a significant snowfall on the ground.  I don’t know if I can remember anything like this.  I don’t know how many inches we got here in the midcoast area, but it was probably at least 4″ and was very heavy and slushy.  We lost power round about midnight last night and it came back on around 10:30 this morning.  I don’t think that we would have taken out the generator if it weren’t for the fact that we were having a lovely overnight visit with our grandson.  It was pretty chilly in the house this morning.  But not too bad, and this afternoon the sun came out and it has turned into a shining, if windy, afternoon.

I have been fighting off the remnants of a cold that is at least a month old.  So today, our 30th wedding anniversary, we took it easy and hung out.  I got a little knitting done, and John is attempting to do me a huge favor:  get a ball of yarn out of a 420 yard snarled skein.  He really has the patience of a saint.  I had almost given up on it and I was ready to mail it back to the vendor that I bought it from when we went down to SOAR early in October.  It was snarled in the skein.  I have never seen anything like it.  I took the skein out of its wrapper and put it on the swift; found the two ties that were holding it in skein form, and as I began to unwind it onto the ballwinder, things went wrong very quickly.  I had the skein on the swift correctly according to where the ties were holding it, so I am wondering if it got tangled when it was dyed.  It’s from a vendor who does her own dyeing, and I understand that things can get tangly, but this is truly ugly!  I am almost afraid to open up the second skein I bought in the same color…  if that one is tangled as well, I am going to be very upset.  So I hope that between the two of us we can get it turned into a usable ball of yarn.  It’s meant to be a shawl for our elderly neighbor.  For the holidays.  I can see the way this is going already :*)

Waiting for the Nor’Easter

PastureIt’s a waiting game right now.  We are scheduled to have 3-6″ of wet snow come in tonight.  It’s even beginning to cloud up right now.  I am guessing that the pasture won’t look like this tomorrow!

We have not seen the end of the breeding season yet and really do not want to take the girls out of the field.  They made it through the high winds of the summer out in the field, and we are hoping that the snow will be gone by Monday.  Luckily the girls and Reece are in a section of the field that is pretty protected in the upper corner.

And so the winter weather begins.  It has been a strange weather year over all, so why should this surprise us!

Autumn and breeding

Autumn is here, although without the usual color.  Some people are saying that it’s because we had so many high winds over the summer that the leaves began to detach and so started the dying process too early to get any really nice color.  Well, whether or not we have a colorful fall, breeding time is here again!

The only colorful tree around!

As we are not keeping any rams or bucks on the farm anymore, we have been leasing rams for our breeding for the last two years.  We lined up a lovely boy from Hatchtown Farm, and got him in with the girls down in the field a week and a half ago.  He is a very sweet boy and had no problem getting down to work.  Within the first 24 hours he had bred Fuzzy Lumpkin and Fern.  Two days later, during one of the downpours that gave us 2 or 3 inches of rain in one day, John called me to say that he had gone down to the field and Esther was dragging her sheep coat, and was marked with orange from her neck to her tail (she is a first-timer and one of the leg straps broke on her coat…  messy!).    Then this past Monday he bred HoneyBea, and today Beezus is courting Reece.  So we are on a very nicely spaced breeding schedule so far.  We just have to see when Shlomit will be bred.  She had a passing mark on her from the first day, but she may have been just past her heat at that point.  I have not figured their due dates yet, but maybe I will do so tomorrow.  It’s exciting thinking about the lambs for next year!  And the weather hasn’t gotten too cold for comfort yet, so hopefully we will have time to get some work done on the winter paddocks before the freeze sets it.  Another year seems to have zipped right past us again.

Reece the Ram stands proudly with his girls (he is the one all strapped up in the harness)
Marked buns

In which a mystery is solved

Henny Penny eyes the goat grain

One of the great mysteries of life is this:  where does Henny Penny lay her eggs when she is not in the coop?  Here. Outside one of the greenhouses, under the tall weeds.  (Our friend Bruce stumbled upon the nest when his dog ran after Henny Penny this morning).

I guess I can’t blame her.  She has two very handsome rooster boys to pal around with!

Rooster boys strut their stuff for Henny Penny!
Eggs are revealed

The list gets longer! Rant, rant

It has really been a hectic couple of weeks, nothing new about that.  Work is good-busy, but it seems as though every time we turn around something else is breaking down  or putting up yet another roadblock to getting things accomplished at home.  (Read here:  how much did you say that was going to cost?).  Yikes.  Last week the truck needed two new very expensive batteries (the ones we had in the F-350 were quite elderly); the John Deere front left tractor tire blew and we are still waiting on those; I need a wheel bearing fix on the Subaru…  and getting things done usually depends upon more than one factor! This week the router burned out so we can only get onto the internet by sitting by the back door plugged directly into the modem.  The fun never ends :*)

So we are picking away at things as we can.  And now that the new batteries in the Ford are in and something is still wrong, it would appear that it might be another part involved, like the thing that’s supposed to charge the batteries… that blasted alternator!!!  It makes me think of the books like “There Was An Old Lady Who Swallowed a Fly…”