The list gets longer! Rant, rant

It has really been a hectic couple of weeks, nothing new about that.  Work is good-busy, but it seems as though every time we turn around something else is breaking down  or putting up yet another roadblock to getting things accomplished at home.  (Read here:  how much did you say that was going to cost?).  Yikes.  Last week the truck needed two new very expensive batteries (the ones we had in the F-350 were quite elderly); the John Deere front left tractor tire blew and we are still waiting on those; I need a wheel bearing fix on the Subaru…  and getting things done usually depends upon more than one factor! This week the router burned out so we can only get onto the internet by sitting by the back door plugged directly into the modem.  The fun never ends :*)

So we are picking away at things as we can.  And now that the new batteries in the Ford are in and something is still wrong, it would appear that it might be another part involved, like the thing that’s supposed to charge the batteries… that blasted alternator!!!  It makes me think of the books like “There Was An Old Lady Who Swallowed a Fly…”


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