Autumn and breeding

Autumn is here, although without the usual color.  Some people are saying that it’s because we had so many high winds over the summer that the leaves began to detach and so started the dying process too early to get any really nice color.  Well, whether or not we have a colorful fall, breeding time is here again!

The only colorful tree around!

As we are not keeping any rams or bucks on the farm anymore, we have been leasing rams for our breeding for the last two years.  We lined up a lovely boy from Hatchtown Farm, and got him in with the girls down in the field a week and a half ago.  He is a very sweet boy and had no problem getting down to work.  Within the first 24 hours he had bred Fuzzy Lumpkin and Fern.  Two days later, during one of the downpours that gave us 2 or 3 inches of rain in one day, John called me to say that he had gone down to the field and Esther was dragging her sheep coat, and was marked with orange from her neck to her tail (she is a first-timer and one of the leg straps broke on her coat…  messy!).    Then this past Monday he bred HoneyBea, and today Beezus is courting Reece.  So we are on a very nicely spaced breeding schedule so far.  We just have to see when Shlomit will be bred.  She had a passing mark on her from the first day, but she may have been just past her heat at that point.  I have not figured their due dates yet, but maybe I will do so tomorrow.  It’s exciting thinking about the lambs for next year!  And the weather hasn’t gotten too cold for comfort yet, so hopefully we will have time to get some work done on the winter paddocks before the freeze sets it.  Another year seems to have zipped right past us again.

Reece the Ram stands proudly with his girls (he is the one all strapped up in the harness)
Marked buns

One thought on “Autumn and breeding”

  1. Aaah, nice to see a ram doing such a good job! Hopefully ours will be getting out there today, though it may have to wait until I have more help this weekend — I never can remember from year to year how to get the darn harness on.

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