The Girls are back :*)

Wasn’t really planning on getting them home until the weekend, but the coming of a storm with a possible 8″ of snow, we decided to load them up and cart them home this afternoon.  Our son was a champ, skipping over right from work.  I had hurried home and gone down to get the ewes penned just outside the last pasture area.  Then when JD joined me, we got the girls into the back of the Subaru and brought them home 2 by 2, as usual.  JD and I really have the whole procedure down pat (he gets the front end of the ewe into the back of the car, I grab the halter from the back seat, he gets them up all the way and then we get the next one in).  While we were ferrying the girls home in the dark, John was walking Jingle the Donkey home, covered in blaze orange and blinking safety disks on her harness.  I wish I had a photo!

Henny Penny waited patiently for the ewes to get settled before finding her favorite roost!

I am very relieved to have the ewes at home.  I think Henny Penny was pleased as well!


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