Seasonal opportunity

Loaded tractor

The weather is finally behaving more like the calendar date.  Being a lovely cold and clear day yesterday allowed me to get a few end-of-season chores completed.  Early in the day our shearer Emily came to shear the two sheep that are butcher-bound this coming week.  And then I took the opportunity to go down to the pasture and pull all the flex net fence.  I am not the best at rolling it up and getting it tied, but I managed.  Then John did me the favor of going down with the tractor and moving the charger and all the fencing out.  Last year we got caught by snow early and I never got down there.  It always makes things difficult in the spring, and sometimes the mice run under the snow and gnaw at the lower wires.   It was nice to get something taken care of in time for once!

Lamb #107 and Lupine. Nakey!

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