Let there be light, please

Sums the morning up pretty well!

Last night we had a nice evening at the Maine Agricultural Trades Show in Augusta at the Civic Center.  John kindly did afternoon chores for me, and when I got home I took 5 minutes to wash my face and take a few breaths, then we headed off for the big city.

Of course, the closer we got to Augusta, the more crowded the traffic became as we were hitting it pretty directly during rush hour.  I don’t go there often enough to remember which lanes to favor before getting to some of the big traffic roundabouts, so it’s always a little tense!  But we got there and met up with some friends and people we don’t see regularly.  While I went upstairs to the sheep and goat seminar, John stayed downstairs with Christine of Maine Fiberarts and helped her rearrange the Fiberarts booth. And, true to form, I had the camera in my bag and never got it out to take any photos!

On our way home we realized, as we pulled into the driveway, that our lights were out in the hay and milking greenhouses.  I really depend on those two for my morning chore time.  John checked to see if the circuit had popped off up at the house, but it was ok.  We went to bed and I figured I would manage in the morning with my headlamp.  Just my luck:  I put the headlamp on this morning at 5 and realized the battery is dying.  It never fails!  (And no AAA batteries in the drawer).  As I left the house cursing my lack of preparation, I got a text informing me that school had been cancelled.  I turned around and went back inside to have another cup of coffee and wait to do chores until daylight.  Big sigh of relief :*)

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