3 Day weekend and the deep freeze

Winter dusk

The snow did some melting on Friday, conveniently creating a sea of ice wherever it melted.  Now we are in the deep freeze.  It was -8 this morning when I went out to do chores, and I put that off until a little after 7 so that I would have daylight.  Brrr.  This is when carrying a stainless steel bucket out to milk loses its appeal very quickly!  But as soon as I get going, the goatie furry bodies warm my hands up nicely, and if it’s not windy it’s ok.  I have cut back to milking only in the morning in readiness for drying off the does.  I hate to do it as it will be a long haul until we have milk again.  IF any of the girls are bred, they won’t be having their kids until early June.  Usually they are having their kids in April and I begin milking sometime in May.  Oh dear.  I have a ton of chevre in the freezer, so we shouldn’t go hungry for goat cheese, but I hate giving up the supply!

Anyhow, I have not pushed myself this weekend, that’s for sure.  Yesterday we went on a road trip out to western Maine.  My father in law collects old Bolens tractors, and my husband found one for him that is a 1966.  It even had a working snowblower on it.  It was a very pretty ride.  You can’t get there from here in a straight line, so we had to drive almost to Portland, and then we went the rest of the way on Route 25 which meanders northwest out of the Portland area.  On the way home we did some errands and didn’t get home until almost 3.  It was a long day in the Bone Shaker and my back is achy today!  My poor husband hurt his back a little as they had to lift this little monster into the back of the F350, which as I have mentioned before, sits very high off the ground!  There ended up being 6 guys doing the lifting, but it was still a heavy one.  We have not gotten it out of the truck yet.  That’s for another day, and the John Deere tractor will have to do most of the heavy lifting, thank goodness.

As for today, I spent the morning doing dishes and cleaning up the kitchen a bit, and then I did some knitting and movie watching (The Freshman, one of my favorite movies).  I will have to take a photo of the never-ending knitting project for another time!


2 thoughts on “3 Day weekend and the deep freeze”

  1. Yesterday was a good day for a ride. We headed to Bridgton on Saturday and had a good time visiting with Ali’s Girl Scout Camp counselor cronies at Camp Pondicherry. Hope John’s gets the kinks out of his back. No heavy lifting!

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