Spinning Saturday

The whole group!

Yesterday was a wonderfully relaxing day.  Our spinning group, the Salt Bay Treadlers, met for our first spinning Saturday.  We had decided that we would love to meet more than the one evening per month than we currently do, so we are meeting on the third Saturday at our member’s homes.

Our first meeting took place at an incredible place.  Christine has a studio space in an old mill building in Richmond, Maine (Southard Ames Mill).  It’s a gorgeous old building which originally did house a spinning enterprise.  There is still a functioning company in the ground floor, and they store some of their old equipment on one end of the second floor where the studio space is.  It’s a fantastic area that overlooks the Kennebec River and over to Swan’s Island.  Christine has much of her fiber and material stored up there, and she had shared the space for many years with a very talented paper-maker whose work is still displayed up there.  Amazing stuff!

Pam and Nina

We were very comfortable, and as usual, had more food than we could possibly consume.  We spun, knit and laughed for hours.  It was amazing!  What a lovely day.  It never got above 12 degrees outside but we were definitely warm and full of good cheer inside.  I got a whole bobbin spun up of the Blue Faced Leicester/Tussah silk roving that I got last fall.  I am hoping to dye it and ply it up with the glitzy mix that I spun from the novelty roving I procured at SOAR in the autumn.  It was a very satisfying day.

Chris, Karen and Jocelyn

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