Goat breeding adventure, part who knows?

Well, the goat breeding saga continues!  This morning I got up, did chores, and everything was as usual.  None of the animals were being obnoxious or noisy, and Pippi and SnowPea got onto the milking stand as usual.  This afternoon I got home and went out, and what do you know, both Pippi and Melanzane are in heat again.  AARGH!  They were running around with their tails wagging a mile a minute over bright red woo-woos, yelling very loudly.  (Melanzane has a cry that would wake the dead).  And of course this means that the AI breeding didn’t take for them.  I knew it wasn’t a one hundred percent guaranteed proposition, but Pippi is my best milker and I just can’t fathom not having her milk all this coming season.  Melanzane is not even a year old yet, so I am going to let her be, but Pippi!  Oh no!

I got on the phone with our friends over at Sea Breeze Farm in Friendship, and we decided that John would transport Pippi down to their farm tomorrow morning to have a rendezvous with one of their Saanen bucks.  Woo-hoo!  I hope this works!  We will keep you posted…

4 thoughts on “Goat breeding adventure, part who knows?”

  1. Oh dear, that’s a shame. It sounded like the AI went so well! I will keep my fingers crossed about these two breedings.

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