Weather and wool

Monster tracks from the bad chicken boys

And the weekend is nearly over.  Big sigh!  We had a snow day on Friday and it became a most relaxing 3 days.  As far as the goats go, things seem ok.  Everyone is looking good, although the weather has been very uncooperative.  The rain we had on Friday got rid of most of the snow and a little of the ice, and left more ice in its wake.  The paddocks are skating rinks and even the sheep and goats are skittering around on it.  The only amusing thing is that the chicken tracks in the icy snow have grown to monster proportions in the partial thaw!  They actually look pretty all over the ground.

Sweater skeins

On another front, our spinning group has decided to do a “knit-along.”  We are going to be knitting sweaters together and have chosen patterns from Knitting Pure and Simple.  The pattern I have chosen is a fairly straight-forward cardigan, and I want to knit one in the blue family.  As I have enough skeins of silver worsted wool, I decided today that I would dye them up for the project.  I need 6 skeins for the project, but I am a fairly loose knitter so I decided to dye 8 skeins.  After the first 6 skeins I was running out of my major color… so who knows how this will go?  I may have to over-dye the two extras and use them for the trim or something, but I guess I will see!

(I am not a sweater-knitting beginner, but I haven’t knit one in at least 12 years, so I am looking forward to doing this along with a group of people.  More power in numbers, or something like that!)

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