Coming up for air

The girls are ready for the un-coating!

Finally.  This week has been insane.  One more work day until winter break.  Phew!  This actually may be the third night in a row that I am eating a piece of toast for dinner.  Meetings have been the word of the week, and it feels as if I have not had a moment to breathe. I certainly have not had a moment to keep up with this blog!  When I got home today I rushed out to set up the greenhouse and lock the ewes in as we are probably going to have freezing rain tonight.  And rain tomorrow until midday.  Gotta keep those girls dry if we can.  Everyone cooperated and I was able to get the donkey into her own area, as well as the goats and Zorro the Llama out of the enclosure.  They still have enough shelter from the storm in the front of the greenhouse, and hopefully there is enough straw on the floor where the ewes are hanging out to keep their fleeces as dry as possible.

I *should* be cleaning in anticipation of Saturday’s day of shearing and spinning.  I am really looking forward to it, but the house is not quite ready yet.  Our shearer, Emily, will be arriving on Saturday around 9:30, shearing our 7 ewes, and then we should be having a wonderful potluck lunch with our intrepid volunteers, followed by an afternoon of spinning and knitting.  It can’t get any better than that.  I am dying to see our ewes’ fleeces, as well as getting the first truly close look at their bellies and their udders.  The anticipation is palpable as we see the girls undressed and check to see if there are lambs in there doing the baby dance.  Lambing begins in March!

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