In the company of friends

Both human and 4-legged!

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As opposed to last year’s shearing, we had a gorgeous day Saturday.  None of those bitter cold temperatures, and what little wind there was, was quite pleasant.  Emily arrived about 10 and we got Fuzzy Lumpkin out onto the shearing floor.  (We usually do the white sheep first, so there aren’t colored bits of wool floating around to get into the white fleeces).  Some of our lovely Salt Bay Treadler spinners arrived to help with the management of the operation.  Chris has turned into the expert gatherer-carrier of the fleece, from the shearing floor, out across the paddock, and into the milking greenhouse to the skirting “table.”  (The skirting table is really a 4×6′ piece of lobster trap wire).  Many hands definitely made lighter work, and in no time the fleeces were carefully rolled up in their own sheet, tagged with the sheep’s name and the year, and then they got popped into the back of my little Subaru for the trip up the driveway to the house.  I ran back and forth between the shearing floor and the skirting area, gave the ewe her CD&T vaccine shot, and then helped get the next ewe out of the pen and onto the shearing floor.  We only had 6 ewes to do this year, so things were very relaxed, and everything went very smoothly. We spent the rest of the day enjoying our knitting, spinning, and all the good food that came with the spinners.  Awesome day :*)

And so today brings the first weekday of February break.  I am working on finishing up the knitting on a hat for a friend and then I want to get back into the fleeces and see what is here.  I never had a chance on Saturday to get a close look, but maybe later it is on the schedule.  Yay for a relaxing morning!


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