More Henny Penny

Rooster boys and Henny Penny in the milking greenhouse

Our little brown chicken girl, Henny Penny, is still on the loose and still palling around with the two bad roo boys (I guess it’s the “good girl/bad boy attraction” here!).  They seem to have gotten through the winter pretty well, roosting in the milking greenhouse and just generally grazing the compost piles as well as the grain that I put out for them.  They got lucky that it was a mild winter, so things that are usually frozen in, are not this year.

After finding Penny’s egg nest last fall, I really had not been looking for an egg cache as I figured that the days were not long enough for her to be laying.  But the other day I stumbled upon the most

Henny Penny's nest

perfect little nest in the hay greenhouse.  Behind a tilted up pallet, tucked away between it and the greenhouse cover.  Amazing!  And now I crawl back there on my hands and knees to tease one egg out of the next for the day.  I am leaving 2 in there and I am hoping that she will continue to use that spot.  Way to go Henny Penny.  We love you :*)

The nest in question

2 thoughts on “More Henny Penny”

  1. Oh, Nina. Your pictures and comments are so charming!! I love Henny Penny;s nest with eggs…also Tesser’s nest in the fleece.

    I am thinking of you tonight and hoping your lambkins will hold off until the weather warms up.

    Your CS, Chris

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