Find the Chihuahua

Tesser is a chameleon on bags of fleece

That’s the game we play frequently.  Tesser is the master of disguising herself, making it sometimes difficult to locate her.  When we have conveniently-placed sheets full of fiber on the warm floor, no matter where we place them, she finds them and makes a little indentation on top of one and snuggles in.  You can walk past her a hundred times, but if she wants to do her own thing, she is well hidden!

Tesser loves the green blankie!

Last Thursday we had a snowday from school, which was lucky as I woke up feeling miserable with a cold.  So Tesser and I did a little bit of snuggling together.  Whenever I took out the green fleece blanket and put it over my lap, she found me.  It’s her favorite :*)

Maybe that’s what we have to do when we can’t find her!


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