Moon by night

The moon is definitely helping us these nights

I wish I could show you a really cute photo of our lambs.  But alas, they are not here yet.  Fuzzy Lumpkin was due Tuesday, but her record of lambing shows that she always delivers on the 148th day, not on the average of 145 days.  John and I have been out checking on them every few hours round the clock.  Fatigue is definitely our constant companion during this time!

But the moon, now that is definitely our friend.  Going out to chores at 5 a.m. this morning was so much friendlier because of the moon’s light, and tonight going out to check on our girls, so much easier as well.  Add to that the warmer temperatures, and we will all be dancing in the paddock with the lambs.  Soon, I am sure.

Glowing eyes in the night greenhouse

2 thoughts on “Moon by night”

  1. I love your postings, Nina. What a moon last night. It was magical.

    Chris your CS

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