Expectantly expectant

Esther peeks over the other side of the feeder while Etti (the dark ewe on the left) shows us her svelte yearling figure next to two of the very pregnant ones

And lambing still has yet to begin!  I think we are going to have a flood of lambs all in one day the way things are going. Sheesh!  We have had a number of pep talks, but so far no one is listening.  I really thought would one of them would have chosen a lovely day like Thursday…

I was afraid that I would not be able to get over to Hatchtown Farm’s shearing today.  They have a lot of ewes over there waiting to be de-frocked and the more help, the easier it is.  I figured that with my luck, there would be lambs popping out all over the place here, but all is quiet.  When checking the wonder girls at night some of them have begun the heavy breathing and squeaky noises that indicate how uncomfortable they are with those baby bellies, but that is where we are at.  So far!


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