First lamb up

HoneyBea starts the lambing season off with a 13.75 lb. ewe!

We got an easy one for the first birth of the year.  HoneyBea surprised us with a beautfiul, large single ewe lamb last night (13.75 lbs).  She must have been born in close to record time, as John was out there around 9 and nothing was brewing.  I went out close to 11:30 and there they were.  The ewe lamb was not dry, but she was all licked off and clean as a whistle; HoneyBea had passed her placenta; and best of all, the lambie had a full belly and milky mouth as added confirmation that she needed no help in that department.

After we got them jugged in a pen I made sure to open up the teat that our new girl had not found yet and I “borrowed” some colostrum from HoneyBea to put into the freezer for some lambs we have coming soon that are already facing something of a challenge.  More on that later.  For now I am just pleased as punch to have the first little one on the ground.  I always feel that if the first lambing goes well, good karma is visiting with us, for a little while at least!

I will try and get some better pictures with our new baby after work today :*)  And who knows, maybe Fuzzy Lumpkin will deem it a nice day for her big event!


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