Beezus’ great moment

Beezus does it! And all by herself

She did a great job and had her lambs last night while no one was watching!  Typical.  She likes her privacy and is not always thrilled to have people handling her and being around.  It is totally awesome that she had the lambs herself.  When I got out there at 10:30, both were up and the 11 pound black ram was already fed.  He must have gotten what was available on the side of her udder where the teat actually sticks out near her leg.  The 9 pound ewe lamb had not been fed and was dancing around, bleating for breakfast.

I ran back to the house and defrosted the colostrum I had taken from HoneyBea and shared that with our new little girl.  It didn’t take her long to figure out the bottle, so she really must have been hungry.  I could not get the ram lamb to take anything from it, but his little mouth was very warm and while his belly wasn’t totally full, it had something in there.

The ewe lamb knows where the goods are!

And so it goes.  It’s a huge relief that Beezus was able to deliver those babies without help.   She is making some colostrum, although I don’t know how long she will be producing anything.  We are milking the teat that hangs straight toward the ground, as I don’t think the lambs have found it, or maybe cannot get at it and drink normally.  I am hoping that the ram lamb will get with the bottle program soon.  We have tube fed him because he so obstinately just wants his mother.  It’ amazing how strong the survival instinct is and how quickly they bond.  I hope Beezus has some time to mother her little brood!


One thought on “Beezus’ great moment”

  1. I am so glad to read that Beezus managed to have them all by herself, and she is doing OK so far. What a relief for you.

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